We offer once-weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy in our clinic.If you want to know something about this therapy、please ask on e-mail.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

We offer once-weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy in our clinic.

@What is psychoanalytic psychotherapy (PP)?

PP is a type of psychotherapy based on Psycho-Analysis. We believe that a human being has Unconscious areas in his/her mind which are difficult to be aware of. Everyone has an unconscious Plot in his/her mind. When this plot is too powerful and influential, he/she tends to repeat the plot no matter how hard he/she makes conscious efforts to avoid the repetition, resulting in repeating the same mistakes again and again at work or with his/her family or friends. PP is an endeavor to read and understand the plot for the patient and the therapist in cooperation. It is a time-consuming and enduring process, far from the therapist giving instant advices to the patient after listening to his/her problems. There are, however, realization and self-understanding in a deep level which can be obtained only through a long and steady work.

@Actual procedure

If you are thinking of undergoing PP, you will have a few preliminary sessions first. These sessions offer the therapist an opportunity to see whether or not PP can be helpful to you, as well as you an opportunity to ask yourself whether you really want to pursue it. Once you and the therapist agree on continuing the therapy, you will have a 50 minutes session every week at a fixed time on a fixed day according to the contract. The duration of the therapy is not predetermined, although it usually takes years. There are Easter break, summer break and Christmas break each for a few weeks. The therapist will tell you the date of breaks beforehand. (The initial preliminary session will usually take 75 – 90 minutes.)

@The location and the fee

Sessions will take place in the consulting room on the 2nd floor of the other building. The fee is ten thousand yens (10000 JPY) for a session. Cancellation will be accepted until a week before the session, whereas the full fee will be charged for any cancellation after that. However, you will not be charged for a session cancelled by the therapist.

@About the therapist

Dr Satoshi Handa. He completed several psychoanalytic seminars along with his psychiatric training. He had supervisions by Dr Ryu Suzuki as well as a once-weekly psychotherapy for 8 years by a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. He studied abroad in the Adult Department of the Tavistock Centre in London from 2015. Along with the psychotherapy training at the Centre, he underwent 5 sessions-a-week psychoanalysis by a Kleinian training analyst. He was qualified as a Medical Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and came back to Japan in 2018.




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